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Saturday, January 10, 2009

{January 10} Amazing Genetics

I love looking at babies and their parents, trying to see who looks more like who. I also love looking at siblings to see the same things, and how close the siblings look like each other.

However, my own kids have me stumped. Maybe this is just something you have to see outside the box, because it's pretty easy for me to tell with other people's children. I just don't see much resemblance between Riley and Sierra. Their eye shape is different, their face shape is different, their ear shape is different, their skin type is different, and their hair is different; Riley blond while Sierra got completely random strawberry blond?!

The one thing that is very similar, their striking blue eyes.


Robin said...

Simply stunning.......

Mary said...

Those catchlights! OMG! Beautiful!

Shawna said...

They both have the most stunning blue eyes!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!